70% Extra Dark Chocolate Bars

70% Extra Dark Chocolate

Lily’s premium, stevia-sweetened Extra Dark chocolate bars are made from the finest ingredients, including Fair Trade Cocoa.  There is no added sugar, though you’d never know it.  They are certified gluten free, Vegan, and Non-GMO. Lily’s is 25% lower in calories than dark chocolate that’s sweetened with sugar, and it tastes fantastic. So go ahead and indulge. Even more.


70% Extra Dark

Lily’s 70% Extra Dark chocolate is made with rich, stevia-sweetened extra dark chocolate, giving it every bit of the indulgence of other dark chocolates but with no added sugar. Don’t stop at one square. Since it’s sweetened with the botanical sweetener stevia, there’s no need to.


Sea Salt

Lily’s stevia-sweetened premium 70% dark chocolate with sea salt satisfies two cravings in one bar – salt and chocolate.

Lily's-Blood-Orange Front

Blood Orange

Lily’s Blood Orange is stevia-sweetened premium 70% dark chocolate with a subtle, totally addictive hint of citrus.