Get Holiday Ready with Lily’s Sweets

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  Chocoholics rejoice & get Holiday ready with Lily’s Sweets! If you are not familiar with Lily’s Sweets, you are in for a delicious surprise. Lily’s sweets is an innovative, Fair Trade Certified, stevia-sweetened chocolate bars & baking ships made with Non-GMO cocoa. Doesn’t that sound delicious already? Plus, these sweet treats are made from the finest all-natural ingredients. Today, we are happy to welcome Lily’s Sweets as a member of our annual Holiday gift guide, keep ... [ Read More ]

Raw Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bites


  I’ve been dying to make a healthy cookie dough for some time now. I love cookie dough and could eat it all day every day. That doesn’t really line up with my health and fitness goals, so I looked for an alternative. These were absolutely perfect! Remember the Lily’s Sweets Dark Chocolate Premium Baking Chips I used in my No Bake Peanut Butter Pie & Almond Joy Granola? I used them again in these bites. They are fantastic! I love them so much! I was also inspired by the crust of ... [ Read More ]

Different Chocolate Tastes and Lily’s

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When you’re looking at chocolate for that special woman in your life this holiday season, why not look outside the box and find something that’s different. As a woman who loves chocolate I’m all for getting a box of those traditional chocolates, but it means so much more when Steve thinks about me and what I would like the most and finds something that is completely different for me. I recently found Lily’s Chocolates and they sent me two bars to taste test....[Read More] - excerpted from ... [ Read More ]

Sugar-Free Holiday Ricotta Loaf


  During the holidays when family and friends get together there is usually one or more guests who can't eat sugar. It is nice to have a little treat that they can enjoy too. This Sugar-Free Holiday Ricotta Loaf does the trick in my family. Everyone likes it just because it tastes good! Sugar-free doesn't have to mean filled with artificial sweeteners. This loaf is sweetened with Stevia a plant derived sweetener that is all natural. The chocolate chips in the loaf are from Lily's ... [ Read More ]

Lily’s Sweets is this year’s must have chocolate for mom!

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  Lily’s Sweets is a new type of chocolate with amazing taste. Two of which are the Cinnamon Dark and Hazelnut and Milk. We are featuring them on the OMG Goodies Holiday Gift Guide for mom. My Thoughts on Lily’s Sweets- Every Holiday, I try to find really good chocolate bars to gift to my father. Each year I find out something new my dad likes. This year I found out that he likes dark chocolate. When I ran across Lily’s Sweets, I knew I needed to see if I could review for them. I was ... [ Read More ]

Chocolate Dessert Cups


    Did you know that November is National/World Vegan Month?  I’m celebrating with Lily’s Sweets, who sent a few bags of their Premium Dark Chocolate Baking Chips to me to review.  There are so many reasons to go vegan, and I always say that food is one of the best forms of activism.  And when that food is chocolate, how can you not win people over? :) Lily’s dark chocolate chips are not only vegan, they’re also fair trade, non-GMO, certified gluten-free and, because they are ... [ Read More ]

Lily’s Chocolate is 1 of 12 Holiday Gifts that Give Back


Let’s face it, chances are just about everyone on your holiday shopping list does not actually need a thing. Shopping for gifts is fun but it  isn’t always  easy and it’s often difficult to buy a present for someone who has everything they want and need in life.  This season, why not give a unique gift that actually gives back—to those who really do need some kindness? If you’re looking to add  some meaning and wrap up something extra special,  here are 12 great ideas that serve an even  greater ... [ Read More ]