Vegan Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

that was vegan banana bread

Banana bread! Banana bread! Banana bread! Truly, that chant was going through my head while this was in the oven a few weekends ago. It was one of those unseasonably cold and wet days, and my entire place was filled with the scent of fresh banana bread. Within minutes it took me from feeling disappointed that I couldn’t be outside in shorts sipping a Strawberry Basil Gin & Tonic to exaltation that it was baking weather! - excerpted from That Was Vegan Blog ... [ Read More ]

Stevia Chocolate Chip Shortbread


  Even if you are avoiding refined sugar, you can still have some of this Stevia Chocolate Chip Shortbread. Lily’s Chocolate sent me some of their new stevia chocolate chips to try out. I really like them and they baked up great in these cookies. Just don’t expect them to be as sweet as regular chocolate chips. - Excerpted from Healthy Slow Cooking Blog ... [ Read More ]

Chocolate Covered Banana Smoothie with Lily’s Baking Chips


I'm one of those people that loves getting up early.  My alarm is set at 5:45, but when I wake up before it goes off (about 3-4 times a week), I jump out of bed and mentally high-five myself for having even more special morning time.  Sometimes I contemplate getting up at 4:45 but I'm pretty sure I'd be miserable by mid-day.  I just love the morning. -excerpted from The Vegan Chickpea blog ... [ Read More ]

Sweet and Chewy Coconut Macaroons from Pieces of a Mom Blog

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  My girls love to bake, but sometimes our schedule doesn't allow for "from-scratch" baking. With homework and busy after-school schedules, we often need a sweet treat that's easy to make, bakes quickly and tastes yummy.... As an added treat, we melted some Lily's Sweets dark chocolate baking chips, and I let Harper drizzle a few of the cookies with melted chocolate. Lily's Sweets candies and baking items are sweetened with Stevia so they are diabetic-friendly, which is perfect for ... [ Read More ]

Lily’s Baking Chips Giveaway from Oh My Veggies

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A little something sweet once in a while is great. A little something that’s naturally sweet but totally sugar free? Way better! Lily’s Baking Chips are naturally sweetened with stevia instead of sugar, which is a welcome change after the over sugaring many of us experienced through the holidays. They’re also vegan and gluten free, making them a healthier indulgence that can be included in a wide variety of diets. The best part? They’re totally delicious – we never would’ve known anything was ... [ Read More ]

No-cook Chocolate Coconut Balls with Lily’s Baking Chips


  There are many ways to cut energy usage in the family home, and surely taking the time to be more energy-efficient, not only helps our precious planet, it also helps cuts personal financial costs. Double bonus! ...These No-Cook Chocolate Coconut Balls, are really easy to make being a wonderful hands on project for Little Ones, they are also protein packed (almond meal and chia seeds), vegan and relatively healthy. And, all you need is human energy to make them. Love ... [ Read More ]