Chocolate Pumpkin Cake in a Mug featuring Lily’s Baking Chips


I woke up yesterday morning knowing there was different weather. I think this summer has been super strange with the weather not being consistent but I am thankful that we did not have as many hot days. Yesterday it was overcast and cool and I completely enjoyed it because it made me feel like fall was coming very soon. I do not usually anticipate a season but I believe the fall weather, after moving to an area of the country where it exists, is such a transitional season and a gorgeous one ... [ Read More ]

Thursday’s Thoughts – Lily’s at the Blend Retreat


Lily’s is a company I discovered at Blend Retreat in June. They are known for their chocolate made with stevia (all natural zero calorie sweetener), real cocoa, and no added sugars. To be totally honest, I would NEVER guess it wasn’t made with sugar! This stuff is so good. And the story behind the company is especially awesome. I recently had the opportunity to try out a few of their newest products – creamy milk chocolate bars, salted almond & milk chocolate bars, and dark chocolate baking ... [ Read More ]

Lily’s Sweets Chocolate Bars


My family loves chocolate, but we also want to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Careful eating habits tops our list of priorities to maintaining a long and healthy life, but so many temptations surround us! Finally, I found a chocolate bar that can be enjoyed without feeling guilty: Lily’s Dark Chocolate.  Made from all-natural ingredients and 55% genuine cocoa, Lily’s bars use stevia (a zero-calorie natural sweetener) instead of traditional sugar.  This makes the chocolate 25% lower in calories ... [ Read More ]