Lily’s Sweets are DELICIOUS

Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 9.38.57 AMMe and the hubby have recently made a change in the way we eat and it has been good for the most part except sweets. It seems to me that every time someone or just me goes on a diet or is cutting back you constantly think of sweets and crave the worst thing you can get your hands on. Well I got to do a review for a company that makes candy bars that I can feel good about eating. This awesome company is called Lily’s Sweets.

Lily’s Sweet’s started in 2011 and is also a fair trade company. Their chocolate bar is made with stevia which is a non-calorie sweetener. Now I know some of you are going Ewww imitation sweetener is nasty and not good in candy. Well let me tell you it is DELICIOUS. [Read More].

- excerpted from Kelly’s Thoughts on Things blog.