Lily’s Sweets is this year’s must have chocolate for mom!



Lily’s Sweets is a new type of chocolate with amazing taste. Two of which are the Cinnamon Dark and Hazelnut and Milk. We are featuring them on the OMG Goodies Holiday Gift Guide for mom.

My Thoughts on Lily’s Sweets-

Every Holiday, I try to find really good chocolate bars to gift to my father. Each year I find out something new my dad likes. This year I found out that he likes dark chocolate. When I ran across Lily’s Sweets, I knew I needed to see if I could review for them. I was so excited when they sent me two of their Holiday bars!

When Lily’s Sweets sent me the Christmas bars, I was so excited. I love that there is a company out there that is making food with Stevia. I know too many people who don’t like it. I do and if I can get my family to not eat more sugar than needed, then I am a happy mom.

The two bars that Lily’s Sweets sent me were the Cinnamon Dark and the Hazelnut and Milk. [Read More].


- excerpted from OMG Goodies blog.